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midipiano_chung free standalone midi piano synthesizer mai 15 2011

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midipiano_chung is a free standalone midi piano synthesizer/expander (the best for me) which plays piano samples based sounds with specifics dsps as midi data income in the selected midi input port (if any) of your computer. easily customizable by modifying or adding sound files in the ./sounds/ folder (mp3 or wav).The program is written in freebasic and uses fbsound with max 128 notes polyphony.


demos =>

midipiano_chung13.jpg  midipiano_chung23.jpg

echotone_chung new version of echo_chung with 3bands equalizer septembre 12 2010

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echotone_chung is a new version of universal computer echo echo_chung , with a 3bands tone equalizer on the echo signal added.

you can find it here => 

(14/09/2010) equalizer filter type selection added


The program is open source written in Liberty Basic v4.03. It uses a DLL for the equalizer effect , written in C++ .Source code is included in the zip file.

Echo_chung free audio input/output effect février 28 2009

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echo_chung is a free real time audio wavein/waveout effect i have written in Liberty Basic

Choose your input/output audio ports and echo parameters , and  echo  will be sent.

click there to download =>

(25/06/2009)  maximum echo volume raised
(12/09/2010)  new version echotone_chung adds a 3bands tone equalizer on the echo signal



description : echo_chung is a compact,universal real time echo effect for your computer.It takes any sound from the selected input device (example: the system mixer) and sends its echo to the selected output device (example: the output speakers).You choose the volume and the delay echo time and can also recall previous presets settings. echotone_chung , a new version included,adds a 3bands tone equalizer on the echo signal.To install just unzip the zip file to c:\echo_chung folder.To launch just run echo_chung.exe or echotone_chung.exe .To uninstall just delete the unzipped folder.echo_chung is an Open source program written in Liberty Basic.

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