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openstreetmap 3D free online car simulation avril 12 2015

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json_osm_chung is an open source realtime online converting openstreetmap servers osm roads data to html5 arrays to use with a game or in this example to draw on a graphical canvas or 3D webgl. Use the arrow keys to move or select one of the presets locations. recreate any real roads + buildings places in the world . mixed with google static maps satellite ground images , water terrain detection , srtm terrain heightmaps, trees , lamps,  and a free 3D driving car simulation game. Written in html5 , webgl, webaudio javascript and openstreetmap api .Can  run on a small netbook.

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight.html   (osm+car sim+trees+terrain height+lamps+forests)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight_shadow.html   (idem with shadow)

open source code =>

json_osm_chung17.jpg json_osm_chung20.jpg

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