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midirec_chung a free midi recorder in Liberty Basic janvier 29 2010

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midirec_chung is a simple free midi recorder i have programmed in Liberty Basic v4.03

> midi input selection
> record,play,thru
> load,save,export to midifile
> auto remove leading and trailing blanks
> input timestamp prevents time loss
> up to 400.000 events recorded
> edit function (start,end,cursor,save,export)
> auto pause recording after 20 sec blanks
> instrument and volume selection

you can find it here =>   

example of use : record a song on your technics kn1400 keyboard and transfer it to your computer with midirec via a midi usb cable without having to use the floppy disk device.
Improvise non-stop on your midi keyboard then select with the editor the zones you want to save. 

(02/02/2010) some bugs corrected (save,export)
(14/02/2010) mute added
(10/03/2010) edit added
(01/04/2010) change instrument and volume added
(22/09/2010) save instrument in export midifile if any     




midirec_chung5.JPG <= enlarge

example of music recorded with midirec_chung and reproduced with midi_chung and echo_chung => my playlist

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