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midipiano_chungVSTI vsti instrument version of midipiano_chung juillet 29 2012

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midipiano_chungVSTI is a vst instrument plugin version of midipiano_chung virtual acoustic piano synthesizer / expander .

you can find it here =>


midipiano_chung free standalone midi piano synthesizer mai 15 2011

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midipiano_chung is a free standalone midi piano synthesizer/expander (the best for me) which plays piano samples based sounds with specifics dsps as midi data income in the selected midi input port (if any) of your computer. easily customizable by modifying or adding sound files in the ./sounds/ folder (mp3 or wav).The program is written in freebasic and uses fbsound with max 128 notes polyphony.


demos =>

midipiano_chung13.jpg  midipiano_chung23.jpg

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