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draculus a free 2D/3D game in Liberty Basic décembre 4 2009

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draculus is a modified version of laby_chung , with monsters combat , view switch between (2D/3D) , potion reward and integrated map editor.(include a sprite editor)

you can find it there =>

draculus3.JPG  draculus2.JPG <= enlarge

Labyrinth 3D in Liberty Basic mai 9 2009

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laby_chung is a photorealistic 3D game with map editor i wrote in Liberty Basic


 laby_chung2.jpg  laby_chung4.JPG  <= enlarge     laby_chung_ico.JPG 

description : laby_chung is a photorealistic 3D labyrinth game with integrated map editor and random labyrinth generator.To install just unzip the zip file in c:\laby_chung folder.To play just run laby_chung.exe .To uninstall just delete unzipped folder.Add walls,stairs,doors,trees,persos with the map editor and see them instantly.To generate random labyrinth, click  [random] button on selecting a wall then choose size.Add easyly new items by copying jpg pictures to the bmp folder.Save and load the maps you have created.laby_chung is an open source program written in Liberty Basic.Source code is included in the zip file. 

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