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irrspace_chung free 3D space flight simulator in freebasic and irrlicht openGL juin 19 2010

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irrspace_chung is a free 3D space flight simulator with combat written  in compiled freebasic and irrlicht 3D openGL game engine.Explore the solar system or follow other vessels and fly in formations.

 you can find it there => 

(25/06/2010) shooting changed 

(06/08/2010) ctrl key bug corrected

irrspace_chung.JPG irrspace_chung2.JPG irrspace_chung3.JPG

 irrspace_chung4.JPG irrspace_chung5.JPG irrspace_chung6.JPG 

irrspace_chung7.JPG <= enlarge   irrspace_chung_icon.jpg

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