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gui_chung_dll a dll version of gui_chung to easily make gui windows in any language mars 14 2012

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gui_chung_dll is a dll version of gui_chung to easily make gui windows with graphics in any language , as c/c++, freebasic, with simple syntax inspired from Liberty Basic easy gui coding (buttons, combobox, edittext, statictext, listbox, menu, graphicbox,…). Includes creation of openGL windows and guiloadtexture from jpg with alpha, and gfx graphics windows drawing. It is based on windows api and is written in compiled freebasic (freeware).


gui_chung_dll.jpg  gui_chung_dll2.jpg

AIML_chung free AIML standalone chatbot engine with dll in freebasic février 4 2012

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AIML_chung is a free AIML standalone chatbot engine with dll, maths parser, synonyms substitution, 3D photorealistics avatars and speech voices written in freebasic.Comes with GUI window and console examples, and a dll to use with other programing languages or to easily embed in your applications.Chat with your A.I. computer.

click there =>

 aiml_chung2.jpg aiml_chung6.jpg aiml_chung9.jpg

Tilecity_chung modified version of Tilecity3D openGL car/flight/town simulator décembre 4 2011

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 Tilecity_chung is a modified version of open source Tilecity 3D  software i have changed from an original city building game by Ogg (     ( added car/flight simulator + edit,load,save + cars traffic + gui windows + heightmaps + cars racing + houses + trees + grass + skydome + sounds + performances boost + boats + tanks )

It is written in compiled  freebasic and uses openB3D (open source blitzmax game engine for freebasic). Source code is included in the zip file.

Create a text file map and explore a 3D openGL town with sea, towers, roads, relief, trees, houses, grass .
Drive cars among the town traffic , start races against 4 computer driven cars, take a flight by plane to the airport or follow the other flying around cessna.
Edit the map with the integrated editor and look instantly your 3D creations .

you can find it there

tilecity2.jpg tilecity4.jpg tilecity7.jpg

tilecity8.jpg tilecity10.jpg tilecity9.jpg

tilecity12.jpg tilecity13.jpg tilecity21.jpg

freetanks_chung free 3D tanks canon battle game avril 16 2011

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freetanks_chung is a free 3D openGL tanks version of cross_car_chung (flight/car simulation) with tanks canon battle.
It is written in compiled freebasic and uses gui_chung. Can run on a small netbook.

click there =>

(18/09/2011) domes, towers targets added

freetanks_chung2.jpg freetanks_chung3.jpg freetanks_chung7.jpg

flightcombat_chung air / marine combat flight simulator in freebasic février 18 2011

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flightcombat_chung is a 3D openGL combat flight simulator with real satellite countries sea and ground heightmaps. Attack and combat against ships DCA , give wingmen orders and fly in formation, declare war or attack other planes to start massive dogfight.

it is a free open source program written in compiled freebasic and uses gui_chung and direct openGL.


flightcombat_chung.JPG flightcombat_chung2.JPG flightcombat_chung3.JPG flightcombat_chung4.JPG flightcombat_chung6.JPG flightcombat_chung7.JPG

flightcombat_chung10.JPG flightcombat_chung12.JPG flightcombat_chung19.JPGflightcombat_chung21.JPG flightcombat_chung23.JPG flightcombat_chung24.jpg

flightcombat_chung_web2.jpg flightcombat_chung_web3.jpg

cube_chung free cube clone trial in freebasic janvier 13 2011

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cube_chung is a compact hack & slash  cube / minecraft like game written  in compiled freebasic using gui_chung and openGL.

add , remove terrain cubes,  save, load,  or import from heightmap bitmaps.

you can use the mouse, the keyboard, or the gamepad joysticks.

 hunt lions,tigers,dinosaurs, build houses or dig tunnels.


cube_chung.JPG cube_chung2.JPG cube_chung3.JPG 

cube_chung6.JPG cube_chung10.JPG <= enlarge

piratesGL_chung free 3D openGL wind sail sea fight in compiled freebasic janvier 13 2011

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piratesGL_chung is a 3D openGL wind sail seafight pirate / flight simulator with wind simulation, sea, moving water terrain , real coasts maps , ships and combat against the computer . It uses gui_chung and openGL, and is written in compiled freebasic.

=>   (7.5Mo)

piratesgl_chung5.JPG piratesgl_chung.JPG piratesgl_chung2.JPG

free 3D cross car openGL written in freebasic octobre 27 2010

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cross_car_chung is a free 3D safari cross car / flight  simulator / ship sailing  game using gui_chung and openGL ,written in compiled freebasic.

you can find it there => 

cross_car_chung.JPG cross_car_chung3.jpg cross_car_chung9.jpg

cross_car_chung10.jpg cross_car_chung12.jpg <= enlarge   car.jpg

gui_chung an easy way to make gui windows in freebasic septembre 30 2010

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gui_chung is a ultra-compact freeware to program easy gui windows in freebasic .

click there => 

example of windows programmed with gui_chung :

gui_chung.JPG gui_chung2.JPG gui_chung3.JPG

gui_chung4.JPG  gui_chung8.JPG  gui_chung5.JPG 

gui_chung9.JPG  gui_chung10.JPG  md2load.JPG

md2load3.JPG  <= enlarge

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