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gui_chung_dll a dll version of gui_chung to easily make gui windows in any language mars 14 2012

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gui_chung_dll is a dll version of gui_chung to easily make gui windows with graphics in any language , as c/c++, freebasic, with simple syntax inspired from Liberty Basic easy gui coding (buttons, combobox, edittext, statictext, listbox, menu, graphicbox,…). Includes creation of openGL windows and guiloadtexture from jpg with alpha, and gfx graphics windows drawing. It is based on windows api and is written in compiled freebasic (freeware).


gui_chung_dll.jpg  gui_chung_dll2.jpg

cube_chung free cube clone trial in freebasic janvier 13 2011

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cube_chung is a compact hack & slash  cube / minecraft like game written  in compiled freebasic using gui_chung and openGL.

add , remove terrain cubes,  save, load,  or import from heightmap bitmaps.

you can use the mouse, the keyboard, or the gamepad joysticks.

 hunt lions,tigers,dinosaurs, build houses or dig tunnels.


cube_chung.JPG cube_chung2.JPG cube_chung3.JPG 

cube_chung6.JPG cube_chung10.JPG <= enlarge

gui_chung an easy way to make gui windows in freebasic septembre 30 2010

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gui_chung is a ultra-compact freeware to program easy gui windows in freebasic .

click there => 

example of windows programmed with gui_chung :

gui_chung.JPG gui_chung2.JPG gui_chung3.JPG

gui_chung4.JPG  gui_chung8.JPG  gui_chung5.JPG 

gui_chung9.JPG  gui_chung10.JPG  md2load.JPG

md2load3.JPG  <= enlarge

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