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freewebcar_chung free 3D openstreetmap osm car sim in freebasic janvier 30 2017

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freewebcar chung is a free 3D google static maps / osm openstreetmap web car / foot / flight simulation game with real world data and sandbox car traffic (car version of flightcombat_chung_web2) written in compiled freebasic using http web sockets.








openstreetmap 3D free online car simulation avril 12 2015

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json_osm_chung is an open source realtime online converting openstreetmap servers osm roads data to html5 arrays to use with a game or in this example to draw on a graphical canvas or 3D webgl. Use the arrow keys to move or select one of the presets locations. recreate any real roads + buildings places in the world . mixed with google static maps satellite ground images , water terrain detection , srtm terrain heightmaps, trees , lamps,  and a free 3D driving car simulation game. Written in html5 , webgl, webaudio javascript and openstreetmap api .Can  run on a small netbook.

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight.html   (osm+car sim+trees+terrain height+lamps+forests)

=> json_osmall_webglcarsimheight_shadow.html   (idem with shadow)

open source code =>

json_osm_chung17.jpg json_osm_chung20.jpg

gps_chung open source GPS algorithm program for games mars 8 2014

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gps_chung is an open source GPS algorithm program for games written in freebasic. It calculates the shortest way path from start to end out of an array of road segments (position, direction) . Source code is included as example in a small application game garden_chung (freebasic) simplified version of circuit_chung road circuit game with random map generation , home garden edit and TTS text to speech voices. Path is shown on display map , voice indicates the way .

click here =>


circuit_chung free 3D road car racing game in freebasic and openGL juin 13 2013

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circuit_chung is a free 3D circuit road car racing game with random maps generation , written in freebasic and openGL. Can run on a small netbook with windows 7.


(27/02/2014) edit home garden with trees, grasses, flowers added.

circuit_chung3.jpg circuit_chung6.jpg circuit_chung11.jpg

circuit_chung12.jpg circuit_chung13.jpg circuit_chung14.jpg 


Tilecity_chung modified version of Tilecity3D openGL car/flight/town simulator décembre 4 2011

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 Tilecity_chung is a modified version of open source Tilecity 3D  software i have changed from an original city building game by Ogg (     ( added car/flight simulator + edit,load,save + cars traffic + gui windows + heightmaps + cars racing + houses + trees + grass + skydome + sounds + performances boost + boats + tanks )

It is written in compiled  freebasic and uses openB3D (open source blitzmax game engine for freebasic). Source code is included in the zip file.

Create a text file map and explore a 3D openGL town with sea, towers, roads, relief, trees, houses, grass .
Drive cars among the town traffic , start races against 4 computer driven cars, take a flight by plane to the airport or follow the other flying around cessna.
Edit the map with the integrated editor and look instantly your 3D creations .

you can find it there

tilecity2.jpg tilecity4.jpg tilecity7.jpg

tilecity8.jpg tilecity10.jpg tilecity9.jpg

tilecity12.jpg tilecity13.jpg tilecity21.jpg

freetanks_chung free 3D tanks canon battle game avril 16 2011

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freetanks_chung is a free 3D openGL tanks version of cross_car_chung (flight/car simulation) with tanks canon battle.
It is written in compiled freebasic and uses gui_chung. Can run on a small netbook.

click there =>

(18/09/2011) domes, towers targets added

freetanks_chung2.jpg freetanks_chung3.jpg freetanks_chung7.jpg

fly_earth_chung free google earth plugin flight / car simulator mars 13 2011

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fly_earth_chung is a small free flight / car simulator using google earth geplugin , javascript and freebasic.

click there => fly_earth_chung

(13/06/2011) should work on internet explorer 9
(23/06/2011) should work on firefox (without sound)
(23/06/2011) should work on chrome (without sound)(faster)
(26/06/2011) freebasic fbsound exe interface (mp3 with volume and speed, launcher) added.

the freebasic exe application (full featured mp3 sound interface and web launcher)
(500ko,source included)
uses fbsound and the screen pixels colors to communicate with the web application,no activex plugin to install.
runs like an ordinary program (sound+web in a single shortcut)

note : if you havent installed google earth plugin yet, a popup menu will ask you to install it (follow instructions). (nothing else to install)

the first time you come to a place, there will be only a flat land, objects will appear progressively as datas are downloaded.


keys :
pageup,N => accelerate
pagedown,B => decelerate
arrow keys => direction
escape => quit
P => pause
T => tourelle view

free 3D cross car openGL written in freebasic octobre 27 2010

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cross_car_chung is a free 3D safari cross car / flight  simulator / ship sailing  game using gui_chung and openGL ,written in compiled freebasic.

you can find it there => 

cross_car_chung.JPG cross_car_chung3.jpg cross_car_chung9.jpg

cross_car_chung10.jpg cross_car_chung12.jpg <= enlarge   car.jpg

irrspace_chung free 3D space flight simulator in freebasic and irrlicht openGL juin 19 2010

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irrspace_chung is a free 3D space flight simulator with combat written  in compiled freebasic and irrlicht 3D openGL game engine.Explore the solar system or follow other vessels and fly in formations.

 you can find it there => 

(25/06/2010) shooting changed 

(06/08/2010) ctrl key bug corrected

irrspace_chung.JPG irrspace_chung2.JPG irrspace_chung3.JPG

 irrspace_chung4.JPG irrspace_chung5.JPG irrspace_chung6.JPG 

irrspace_chung7.JPG <= enlarge   irrspace_chung_icon.jpg

irrflight_chung free openGL flight simulator in freebasic with tank combat mai 17 2010

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irrflight_chung is a free openGL flight simulator programmed in compiled freebasic and irrlicht 3D game engine ,with aircrafts dogfight and ground tanks combat. Pilot aircrafts, hunt monsters on feets, drive a car or combat other tanks in your tank.

Follow other planes as they cross the game area . Declare war or attack them to start combat .

You can find it there =>

(22/06/2010) shooting changed
(23/06/2010) change airships number added (3..10)

(27/08/2010) tank mode with combat added

irrflight_chung.JPG irrflight_chung4.JPG irrflight_chung5.JPG 

irrflight_chung6.JPG  irrflight_chung8.JPG  irrflight_chung10.JPG 

irrflight_chung12.JPG  irrflight_chung11.JPG <= enlarge     irrflight_chung_ico5.png

free 3D openGL tanks simulator in Liberty Basic octobre 13 2009

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tanks_chung is a free 3D openGL tank game with terrain relief , combat simulation and map editor i have programmed in Liberty Basic v4.03


 (include tanks_chung.exe directly executable)

(22/10/2009)  trees textures added

(28/10/2009)  tank canon combat added

(05/11/2009)  bushes added

(15/11/2009)  performances improved

(30/08/2010) ground terrain more compatible with other PCs

 randonnee_chung.JPG  randonnee_chung2.JPG  randonnee_chung4.JPG 

 randonnee_chung5.JPG  randonnee_chung6.JPG  randonnee_chung7.JPG 

 tanks_chung.JPG  tanks_chung2.JPG <= enlarge   tanks_chung_ico.jpg

description : tanks_chung is a compact 3D openGL tanks game with combat simulation and integrated  map editor.To install just unzip the zip file  into c:\tanks_chung folder.To play just run tanks_chung.exe.To uninstall just delete unzipped folder.Follow other tanks while they cross  the vast game area.Declare war or attack them to start combat.Add objects directly in the scene with the map editor and see them instantly.Generate random terrain relief or modify it.Joysticks and gamepad supported.tanks_chung is an Open source program written in Liberty Basic and openGL.Source file is included in the zip file.         

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