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MyDDDungeonsGL free 3D mod of DDDungeons octobre 15 2012

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MyDDDungeonsGL is a free 3D openGL version of Deep Deadly Dungeons, Search for The Crown of alegare (free open source freebasic roguelike game) i have made from a game by  Richard Clark.

Added : 16->32 pixels sprites, window resized, animations, joystick, 3D openGL view + textures + lighting + fullscreen mode + new monsters

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mydddungeonsgl3.jpg mydddungeonsgl6.jpg mydddungeonsgl4.jpg

mydddungeons.jpg mydddungeonsgl7.jpg mydddungeonsgl9.jpg

windsail seafight in Liberty Basic octobre 9 2012

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pirates_chung is a windsail seafight against the computer with wind simulation i wrote in Liberty Basic


pirates_chung5.jpg  <= enlarge  bateau.jpg

descripton : pirates_chung is a windsail seafight against the computer with wind simulation.To install,just unzip the zip file in c:\pirates_chung folder.To play just run pirates_chung.exe.To uninstall,just destroy the unzipped folder.Take advantage of the wind,turn board to fire ready canons while the other side reloads.If you get damages,your fire power will decrease and your speed too,but so as the enemy.Several maps can be loaded. Open source program, Liberty Basic source file pirates_chung.bas is included in the zip file.

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