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fly_earth_chung free google earth plugin flight / car simulator mars 13 2011

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fly_earth_chung is a small free flight / car simulator using google earth geplugin , javascript and freebasic.

click there => fly_earth_chung

(13/06/2011) should work on internet explorer 9
(23/06/2011) should work on firefox (without sound)
(23/06/2011) should work on chrome (without sound)(faster)
(26/06/2011) freebasic fbsound exe interface (mp3 with volume and speed, launcher) added.

the freebasic exe application (full featured mp3 sound interface and web launcher)
(500ko,source included)
uses fbsound and the screen pixels colors to communicate with the web application,no activex plugin to install.
runs like an ordinary program (sound+web in a single shortcut)

note : if you havent installed google earth plugin yet, a popup menu will ask you to install it (follow instructions). (nothing else to install)

the first time you come to a place, there will be only a flat land, objects will appear progressively as datas are downloaded.


keys :
pageup,N => accelerate
pagedown,B => decelerate
arrow keys => direction
escape => quit
P => pause
T => tourelle view

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