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flightcombat_chung air / marine combat flight simulator in freebasic février 18 2011

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flightcombat_chung is a 3D openGL combat flight simulator with real satellite countries sea and ground heightmaps. Attack and combat against ships DCA , give wingmen orders and fly in formation, declare war or attack other planes to start massive dogfight.

it is a free open source program written in compiled freebasic and uses gui_chung and direct openGL.


flightcombat_chung.JPG flightcombat_chung2.JPG flightcombat_chung3.JPG flightcombat_chung4.JPG flightcombat_chung6.JPG flightcombat_chung7.JPG

flightcombat_chung10.JPG flightcombat_chung12.JPG flightcombat_chung19.JPGflightcombat_chung21.JPG flightcombat_chung23.JPG flightcombat_chung24.jpg

flightcombat_chung_web2.jpg flightcombat_chung_web3.jpg

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