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pacific_chung free openGL flight simulator in freebasic and irrlicht juillet 4 2010

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 pacific_chung is a marine version of irrflight_chung , with more planes, sea, ships, aircrafts carriers,and zeros planes. It is developped in compiled freebasic and irrlicht 3D game engine. Follow other planes while they fly accross the game area.Declare war or attack them or marine or ground targets  to start combat.Land on aircrafts carriers or runways to repair and refuel.Give orders to friendly aircrafts to fly in formation or participate combat.Quit your plane and explore the game area on feet or driving car.To install just unzip the zip file  into c:\pacific_chung folder.To play just run pacific_chung.exe.To uninstall just delete unzipped folder.Joysticks and gamepad recommanded .pacific_chung is an Open source program written in freebasic.Source file is included in the zip file.      


(18/07/2010) New : now you can give orders to friendly planes to fly in formation or participate combat.

pacific_chung.JPG pacific_chung2.JPG pacific_chung3.JPG 

pacific_chung6.JPG pacific_chung7.JPG <= enlarge    pacific_chung_ico.jpg

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